(photo by Jenny Golding
St. Albans Museums)

www.salbani.co.uk is the web address of
St. Albans based archaeologist
Chris Saunders, B.A.,F.S.A.

Born in the "bulge" year of 1946 and brought up in and around what was then the furniture making town of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire,Chris moved to St.Albans, Hertfordshire after a spell in South Wales at University College, Cardiff. At university he studied British Archaeology and moved to St. Albans to take up the newly created position of Keeper of Field Archaeology at the Verulamium Museum, part of the St. Albans Museums Service. For nearly 24 years he excavated in, or researched the archaeology and history of one of the most interesting cities in England. In 1996 he took early retirement but is still engaged in archaeology (as a consultant) and researching St. Albans past, as well as showing parties around the historic streets (and inns) of the city and the sites of Roman Verulamium. Chris also teaches adult education classes. However he now has a little more time to give to his other passion - Angling! and is an active member of the Verulam Angling Club.




There's a new Dragon with St. Albans Mummers this year. After about 20 years, it's time to spemd Boxing Day at Home